Sipping Tea At Charlotte Tea Rooms


I was at Charlotte Tea Rooms, enjoying my afternoon tea when I realized I’ve fallen in love.  Over a tasty soup and sandwich, and friendly staff chat, I wrote a love note of how I fall in love.  Looking at the pictures and videos I’ve taken, I can feel still the excitement.  I just can’t take off the smile on my face.  The sense of satisfaction in my heart is overflowing with gladness, and all I can tell myself is I’m glad I decided to come.  Tynemouth just captured my heart, my mind, and my soul.

Walking By The Tynemouth Coast

On the first date, I spent a morning at the coast of Tynemouth, located in Northeast England.  The sun did shine beautifully that day, and the sea was as quiet as a millpond, calming my soul as I watched the waves smashed up the sand.


It was a perfect day to surf.  The salty water splashed the face of the surfers, hitting their eyes and nose.  But the smiles on their face say it all.  It’s a brilliant, happy adventure.  You can tell that people just love the beach, enjoying the frightening activity.


I may not be into tasting that experience.  I didn’t have the confidence to be in the water riding the crazy waves.  But I sure loved watching surfers (pro and novice) enjoy that moment in time, and I would recommend others who would want to visit to give it a go!


We Dined, Strolled, And More

There’s so much thing to do and just too many things to see when you’re in Tynemouth.  Not to mention the ever-growing list of amazing places where you can eat and drink.   These are the things that can draw you back to Tynemouth.   That going back there, again and again, will always be in your mind.  The pleasure of strolling the coastline like a movie will play over and over.


You’ll never run out of reasons why you would want to keep coming back.  Visiting the castle and priory, walking downtown, shopping for some stuff, enjoying the boozy night out with random out-of-towner like you, and having a chat over cool cocktails.  People are just so nice and accommodating that you’ll never fear getting advantaged of.


Tapas And Instagrammable Photos

Another thing that I won’t ever forget is how I was able to have a personalized coffee blended according to my mood and how I want it to taste at Ora.   Their King English meal with savory sausage and bacon and a taste of their tapa is enough to make me feel full and energized for my whole day walk.


Dining will never be complete without a little chitchat with random folks.   That’s what gives you a satiated feeling.


As I stepped outside the resto, I looked around and thought it would not be complete without taking an instagrammable photo of the classic and timeless building and me.


I Couldn’t Help But Fall In Love

It was not love at first sight, but with the perfect coastline I was staring at as we were driving away, I felt like I left my heart there.   Looking from afar, the priory gives me such a nostalgic feeling.  The place is not just rich in beautiful scenery, but very rich in history.  The architecture of buildings and houses tells so much of how it was in the time a hundred years ago.  It made me feel like I’m watching a scene in Games of Thrones or The Vikings.  The old castle and priory are a real jewel and Tynemouth, in its totality, is a place fit for a queen.


That’s how our love story began while I sipped my tea at Charlotte’s Room.

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