Strolling The Tynemouth Village

Tynemouth is a historic district in Tyne and Wear, England, which is located at the mouth of Tyne River.   Its popularity rose over the past years, and the locals have become busier because it has become a flourishing tourist destination.

Wondering what’s in Tynemouth that tourists enjoy as they stroll along the village?


  1. Long Sand Beach. A place to relax and have a breath of the fresh sea breeze, crystal clear water, and a mile-long stretch of golden sand to walk to.  It is an excellent spot for surfing and kayaking.  A real haven for those longing for a place of peace and tranquility.  If you are in Tynemouth, it would be a must to visit the beach and have a sip of coffee, a taste of muffin, and a munch of chips!


  1. Tynemouth Castle and Priory. Situated on a rocky highland area, Tynemouth Castle is overlooking Tynemouth Pier.  It is joined by the ruins of the Benedictine Priory.  It is where the kings of Northumbria were entombed.  The castle served as a coastal defense during World War II shielding the River Tyne delta.  Some portion of the coastal defense section was restored and opened for the public to learn how the armaments were taken care of and protected.  The Tynemouth Castle and Priory is now under the supervision of the English Heritage and is now charging admission fee if you want to visit.
  1. Tynemouth Markets. You can spend hours walking around the market.  It’s a favorite stop whatever time of the year with exceptional food stalls – a place where you can have the taste of mouthwatering bao buns, sausage rolls, and sweet treats.  Everything is fresh from meat, vegetables, poultry, and bread.  It’s worth the trip!


  1. Tynemouth Park. Looking for a place for family adventure? Tynemouth Park has so much to offer kids and adults that you will almost forget what time it is.  Amongst its attractions are the giant dinosaurs, the golf course, and the famous Pirate quest maze.  There is also the captivating Victorian boating lake.  Enjoy the hot drinks and breakfast at the greenhouse during the day and cold beer or a bottle of wine and live band at night.
  1. King Edwards Bay. A sandy bay surrounded by cliffs and green banks.  It is located just at the bedrock of Tynemouth Castle and Priory.   It is one of the perfect getaways for families.


  1. Lord Collingwood Monument. Admiral Lord Collingwood’s name is sketched on the streets, monuments, and buildings across North East England. He was the Hercules that saved the British Navy at the Battle of Trafalgar.   The memorial was built to celebrate his life and the heroism he had done.


  1. Blue Reef Aquarium. Time to get up close and appreciate the rich undersea life as you walk through the glass tunnel.  It’s great for children to learn to appreciate and care for the marine life.
  1. Green Ginger Shopping Arcade. Experience eclectic shopping in this old church converted into a shopping arcade.  Here is where you can find the favorite old sweet shop, shoes, accessories, and more.   Upstairs is the kitschy café where you can have cream tea and paninis.  An exquisite church conversion into little gem shops.


  1. Longsands Surf School. Surfing is one of the reasons to visit Tynemouth.   Longsands Surf School offers beginner surfing lessons for both kids and adults.  They will assist you to have the confidence to ride the waves, have your own surf gear and surf anywhere in the world.  You can go any time on weekdays and 1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays for your surf lessons.   No worries, as their instructors are all professionals, RLSS qualified and ISA surfing coaches.
  1. Arbeia. This sizeable Roman fort ruins have been reconstructed and has been a place for exhibits, events, and museums for rare and important archeological finds.


There are more places to see, shops to visit, and activities to do in Tynemouth.  It’s a vacation that will give you a taste of history, relaxation, and modern living.  Just take a short walk from the Metro station, and you’ll discover there is more!

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