A Barber Shop Unique To Tynemouth Moved To Cullercoats

People just love how their hair is done in this one of its kind barbershops.  According to a customer, he entrusts very few barbers to cut his sensitive hair, but “The Artful Barbershop” is the number one in his list for he receives an excellent and professional restyling of his hair, giving him a new look of perfection.

This classic barbershop with a twist of modernity intrigued me that I decided to come and try it out myself.

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The Shop

A Victorian-style barbershop opened in the Green Ginger Arcade in Tynemouth in 2013.  Owned by a pair, Billie-Dee Moffat and Emma Knox.   They wanted to embark on new business but wanted something that people can say is “a cut above the rest.”  They thought about it and planned hard until they came up with the idea of an art gallery mixed with the Victorian-themed shop.  The shop is located inside the Victorian Church on Front Street.


As I looked around the shop, my eyes were fed with the sight of nice old-fashioned furniture.  I loved their chair that is specially-upholstered backwash.  In the walls, there are paintings and photographs painstakingly done and captured by different local artists, including paintings done by the father of one of the owners.


The Owners

I found out that one of the owners, Emma, a resident of Gosforth, Newcastle, used to work as a hairdresser in one of the salons in Newcastle.   She always wanted to one day have a business of her own.   Her gained experience made her decide to open a barbershop.  She loves doing shorter haircuts for she finds it more creative.  They chose the Green Ginger Arcade to be the right spot for their shop because of its perfect location.   Putting up their barbershop in a Victorian church perfectly matched up their themed barber shop.

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The Art Gallery

To stand out from the rest, one has to be unique.  Who would think of combining a barbershop and an art gallery?  Enjoying being pampered by the haircutter as you feed your eyes with awesome artworks.  And these artworks are for sale, not just for display.


They now also sell some stuff, like tee shirts.


I came in a bit early than my scheduled time, but I think my wait is worth it, spending my extra time looking over each painting hanged on their walls and the stuff on sale on one side of the shop.  I was able to make some purchases which my friends loved.


It was my turn to have the haircut.   Felt a bit nervous, but as I sat on the chair and had a chitchat, I feel more at ease.  I thought barbershop was for guys alone, but it came out, it’s a unisex thing.  I was amazed by how she worked her scissors on my hair; indeed, it’s marvelous.   They can do real work of art with my thick, a bit curly, and hard hair.  The cut was clean and beautifully done.  They do wonders not only with the paintings on their walls but on the head of every person that comes in their shop.  I entered adamant and came out with a crowning glory.

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New Home

It’s sad that they have to leave Tynemouth after making it their home for five long years.  I was lucky to have visited and be served by them in their original hideaway.  But for those who loved and missed their shop and wanted to pay them a visit, you can find them in Cullercoats, which is situated between Tynemouth and Whitley Bay.


You can set an appointment on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.  It’s your lucky day if they have a cancellation and they squeezed you in.   But you can just walk in every Thursday and Saturdays.  Mondays and Wednesdays are their time to enjoy a nice rest.

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